About I A M Watson

Author of the Camp Effigy Series, librarian, death investigator, registered nurse, certified weirdo.

Hailing from a serene, small town, I A M Watson unveils a unique perspective, honed through experiences as a professional hairdresser, librarian, death investigator, nurse, and entrepreneur. In the quiet corners of the library, she crafts stories that transport readers to new worlds and introduce the lifelong love of reading to young minds. As a death investigator and nurse, Watson is intimately familiar with the delicate balance of life and death, infusing her horror narratives with a profound understanding of mortality. Amidst the mysteries and terrors of the living realm, she finds solace in the companionship of her husband Nolan, daughter Artemis, ornery striped cat named Coco, and the galumphing Yuki, her Great Pyrenees. Through her work, Watson invites readers on a gripping ride into the secrets that lurk within the shadows.

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