The Camp Effigy Series

Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story

"Rule number one: no one is to leave designated camper areas for any reason. You will not leave camp without permission. Do not attempt it. And stay clear of locked doors and anything marked as off-limits."

Camp Effigy is an unusual summer camp destination to say the least. As they pass through the foreboding gates of Hopewell Manor, Dahlia, Serena, and Aria anticipate a bootcamp for troubled girls, and boy, are they troubled. It doesn’t help that the surrounding camp is built on ancient, sacred burial grounds deep some very haunted woods. Strange things happen quickly, leaving our heroines to band together as unlikely friends and fight for their lives at the place where the land of the living and the dead meet and merge. Everything goes off the rails when the campers discover that their own family secrets may tie them to the hauntings that threaten their lives, and that only they hold the key to solving a cold case from 1851.

Prepare for a page-turning adventure where spirits are more than just the subject of campfire tales. "Camp Effigy" is a middle-grade novel that captures the essence of friendship, bravery, and the power of knowing your ancestry, all while keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Solve the mystery by getting your own copy now!

5% of proceeds will go to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center to end violence against Indigenous women.

Releases June 21, 2024.

Life of Shadow: A Ghost Story

"Death stood to his full height. 'Choose wisely, Shadow. For some choices, once made, cannot be unmade. Turn back now, and you will have safe passage home. If you keep pursuing her, I can't guarantee that either of you will ever return to the land of the living.'"

Shadow’s world changed when he met Lucia Montenegro, activity instructor at Camp Effigy. Lucia and Shadow work and play together every day until tragedy strikes, leaving Lucia fighting for her life as Shadow chases her soul into the land of the dead. He teams up with a ragtag pack of dead dogs as he journeys through the underworld in his desperate hunt for his friend. Death Himself commands Shadow to turn back. Shadow must defy Death to bring Lucia back, no matter the cost. As time runs out and danger looms on the horizon, Shadow must summon all his courage and strength to confront dark forces, ancient guardians, and one very rude sphinx cat to save the life of his owner and discover what it truly means to be a good dog.

In this thrilling story filled with action, humor, and lovable animals, Shadow's mission will test him in ways he never imagined. But with his best friend’s life hanging in the balance, Shadow will stop at nothing to prove that being a good dog means never giving up, no matter the odds. With a fresh twist on the timeless theme of bravery and loyalty, "Life of Shadow" promises to be an unforgettable adventure that will leave readers cheering for our furry hero until the last page.

Releases October 31, 2024.

Ol' Bloodthirsty: A Ghost Story

“Outside, Camp Effigy stretched on in restless darkness. But inside cabin four, a bond was forming against the unseen fears lurking just beyond their door.”

"Ol' Bloodthirsty: A Ghost Story" depicts the grand reopening of Camp Effigy as Dahlia, Aria, Serena return with a new set of campers, a new set of powers, and a new set of problems. As soon as Molly and her bunkmates settle into cabin four, strange things unfold—unexplained sounds and disturbing nightmares plague the campers and red eyes watch them from the woods. The legend of Ol' Bloodthirsty, an ancient creature rumored to stalk the night in search of revenge, stirs fear among the group.

The camp's vibrant atmosphere is soon clouded by the mysterious disappearance of a staff member, followed by the vanishing of a young camper. These alarming incidents thrust Dahlia, Aria, and Serena into a desperate search, challenging them to confront their fears while protecting the children entrusted to their care.

Amidst the turmoil, the campers use their special powers to unravel the secrets of the hauntings, while hostile parties weave webs of deceit amongst them. They must work together to solve ancient puzzles, find powerful artifacts, and discover the truth about the legend of Ol’ Bloodthirsty. With each step deeper into the woods, the truths they uncover about Camp Effigy's past and the legend of Ol' Bloodthirsty intertwine with the present dangers, threatening to unleash an even greater terror.

Release date November 29, 2024.

V. Jolie: A Ghost Story

Sail up the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Trempealeau with our mysterious and misunderstood heroine, Valeria Jolie de Roux, as she travels with a misfit group of archeology students and professors to uncover the fascinating secrets of a legendary Ghost Tribe that are believed to have disappeared without a trace hundreds of years ago. At each dig site on the trip, join Valeria as she learns firsthand about haunting phenomenon unique to the local culture and geography, culminating in a life-changing discovery of the land on which she would one day build Camp Effigy. Experience the excitement, mystery, and danger as Valeria peels back the layers of history and embraces her true passion in this captivating ghost story.

Release date to be announced.