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Debut Middle Grade Novel Camp Effigy

ISBN: 979-8-9897044-0-8 (Paperback) | 979-8-9897044-1-5 (eBook)
Publication Date: June 21, 2024
Page Count: 185
Retail Price: $9.99 paperback, $0.99 ebook
Target Audience: Girls ages 8-15
Genre: Middle Grade Thriller
Critical Acclaim: The Golden Wizard Book Prize Winner 2024

Book Excerpt: "Rule number one: no one is to leave designated camper areas for any reason. You will not leave camp without permission. Do not attempt it. And stay clear of locked doors and anything marked as off-limits."


Author Watson Commits to Donating 5% of Amazon Proceeds from Debut Novel "Camp Effigy" to Stop Violence Against Indigenous Women

Ionia, IA, 5/21/24 — Regenesis Press is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of "Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story," the debut novel by I A M Watson.

Short Synopsis:

Serena, Aria, and Dahlia are ready for a life-changing summer at Camp Effigy but upon arrival, they discover mysteries lurking in the campgrounds, inexplicable encounters, and a forbidden door that blurs the line between the living and the dead.

Long Synopsis:

Camp Effigy is an unusual summer camp destination to say the least. As they pass through the foreboding gates of Hopewell Manor, Dahlia, Serena, and Aria anticipate a bootcamp for troubled girls (and boy, are they troubled). It doesn’t help that the surrounding camp is built on ancient burial grounds deep in some very haunted woods. Strange things happen quickly, leaving our heroines to band together as unlikely friends and fight for their lives at the place where the land of the living and the dead meet and merge. Everything goes off the rails when the campers discover that their own family secrets may tie them to the hauntings that threaten their lives, and that only they hold the key to solving a cold case from 1851. Prepare for a page-turning adventure where spirits are more than just the subject of campfire tales. "Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story" is a middle-grade novel that captures the essence of friendship, bravery, and the power of knowing your ancestry, all while keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Solve the mystery by getting your own copy now!

Charitable Commitment:

I A M Watson pledges to donate 5% of all book sales to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center to help end violence against Indigenous women.

Author Quote:

"'Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story' is an enjoyable spooky read for the whole family, but it contains some heavy themes, including the some dark history in America. Our mission is to end the violence that inspired the hauntings in this novel."
— I A M Watson

Where to Read Camp Effigy:

For sale at all major book retailers online. To order in bookstores or check out in libraries, put in a request! This helps get the book on store shelves. To see a list of links to everywhere you can buy the ebook or paperback of Camp Effigy online, click this link: books2read.com/campeffigy

About Publisher Regenesis Press:

Regenesis Press is dedicated to fostering diverse voices and compelling narratives. "Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story" is a testament to our commitment to bringing engaging and ethical stories to readers of all ages.

"My passion for spooky books has made me quite discerning when it comes to judging them. But let me tell you, "Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story" left me in awe. It is an extraordinary piece of work that had me hooked right from the opening pages till the very end.

The writing is outstanding, the storyline is exceptionally well-developed, and the seamless incorporation of historical elements and diverse characters adds an extra layer of brilliance.

The dynamic trio of young girls who take centre stage in the narrative each bring their own distinct personalities and strengths to the table, making them relatable and alluring characters. Their journey at the camp not only highlights the importance of teamwork and camaraderie but also explores deeper themes of personal growth and self-discovery. It's fascinating to witness how they each evolve and uncover hidden aspects of themselves throughout the story.

I have a strong feeling that "Camp Effigy" is going to make waves in the literary world. With its twists and turns, intriguing backstories, accessible characters, and paranormal happenings, it has all the ingredients to make tweens and teens fall head over heels in love with it. In fact, as I was reading, I couldn't help but imagine it coming together as an immensely popular TV series too!

I am eagerly awaiting more from this talented author and will definitely be keeping a close eye on their future success. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on what they have in store!"

- Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize

Advance Praise & Accolades

Sample Author Q & A

Host: I A M Watson, could you tell us about yourself?

Watson: Well, I’m working as a librarian, nurse, and death investigator. This is my first book, so now I get to claim my dream job as a storyteller.

Host: Can you provide us with a brief synopsis?

Watson: Sure! In a nutshell, we follow the summer trip of Serena, Aria, and Dahlia to Camp Effigy for a summer of swimming, horseback riding, archery, and other summer camp activities, but things quickly turn from strange to bizarre, unveiling the mystery and history of the campgrounds.

Host: Sounds fascinating! What inspired you to write this novel?

Watson: At my library, we host a Young Writers Group. These kids always blow my mind with their creativity, and their favorite genre is horror. I wrote this book for them to enjoy. I live close to Effigy Mounds National Park, and I was hiking there when I had the idea for this book.

Host: Who do you consider your comparable authors?

Watson: Oh geez, well I drew inspiration from my childhood love of the works of Neil Gaiman, Bruce Coville, Avi, John Bellairs, Mary Downing Hahn, and Louis Sachar. I think anyone who enjoys their work will enjoy "Camp Effigy" as well.

Host: I understand that you've committed to donating 5% of book sales to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. Could you tell us more about this decision and your connection to the cause?

Watson: Absolutely. Supporting the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is a cause close to my heart. They prevent and respond to violence against Indigenous women. This commitment is a small way to make a positive impact through Camp Effigy.

Host: That's great. Now, for our final question, what message or experience do you hope young readers take away from Camp Effigy?

Watson: I hope my readers see themselves in the characters and enjoy the creepy story. Camp Effigy encourages readers to embrace mysteries, face challenges, and find strength in each other. The unknown is not always the enemy and things are not always as they seem.

Host: Thank you, I A M Watson, for sharing your insights and for your commitment to such a meaningful cause as the NIWRC. We wish you great success with "Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story."

Watson: Thank you for having me.

a woman with brown curly hair sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and a pen and notebook
a woman with brown curly hair sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and a pen and notebook

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